Module 11 Units 1—2 巩固操练

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Unit 1

Ⅰ. 單词拼写(根据汉语提示或首字母写出下列单词的正确形式)

1. While hunting for a job, we are supposed to think about the different o______available to us.

2. What is known to us all is that Beethoven was both a very famous p______and composer.

3. While a career as a l______comes with a good salary, it is a very challenging job, and you must know a lot about the law of your country.

4. Sometimes, it is quite challenging for us to decide what kind of job is best s______for us when we are still at university.

5. My colleague Tom is an______?(有进取心的,有事业心的) worker, always looking for new ways to help his company make money.

6. If you are to succeed in a job interview, you should present yourself in a______?(自信的) manner.

7. Mr. Smith was g______about his work when some strangers broke in.

8. If it hadnt been for his______(出现), we couldnt have entered the room without difficulty.

9. Dickens was a very______(创造性的;有创造力的) novel writer. His novels often have surprising endings.

10. Every year, millions of people flood into big cities with the intention of finding______?(薪酬丰厚的) jobs.

Ⅱ. 选词填空

come about; as sly as a fox; have ambitions to do; be knowledgeable about;

go about; be on a diet; correspond with; take pleasure in; create a positive balance; be curious about

1. Children______?almost everything they see and always have so many questions to ask.

2. Having more male nurses will help______?between male and female staff.

3. Hardly can he______?hard work, as he is anything but a diligent man.

4. Its already 10 oclock. I wonder how it______?that she was two hours late on such a short trip.

5. If you want to be a spy like James Bond 007, you need to be as cool as a cucumber and______.

6. As a historian, Mr. Pan______?the history of the world.

7. The article shows that there are disadvantages to this job, such as travelling long distances and always______.

8. To our disappointment, What Tom does doesnt______?what he says.

9. When he was still a child, Li Ming______?great______?become successful as a lawyer.

10. Despite the threat of war, people______?their work as usual.

Ⅲ. 单项填空

1. When we finally found a restaurant, the waiter told us there was only one room______?to us.


A. useful?B. available

C. empty?D. suitable

2. The expert suggests that when we choose a career, we should consider all the______?of a job.

A. respect?B. aspects

C. suspect?D. expects

3. Mr. Smiths strong love for his country is______?in his recently published poems.

A. relieved?B. responded

C. reflected?D. recovered

4. These people, performing such ordinary______?vital tasks, allow others to go about their daily lives.

A. and?B. so

C. only?D. but

5. Last Saturday, Tom paid a visit to the museum, but to his sadness, when he got off the bus, he found his pocket______.

A. stolen?B. robbed

C. missing?D. picked

6. What is known to us all is that the weather in Beijing is different from______?in Shanghai.

A. that?B. the one

C. it?D. one

7. When Xu Jin studied in Nanjing, he______go to the Internet café at night several times a week, and sometimes at lunch (instead of eating in the cafeteria).

A. should?B. could

C. might?D. would

8. If someone spends his or her time, effort and money writing a book, for example, he or she deserves______?for it.

A. being paid?B. to pay

C. paying?D. paid

9. Very soon, my money______, but I could not ask my parents for money because I did not want them to know that I had been playing computer games.

A. was run out?B. ran out of

C. has run out?D. was run out of

10. The notice came around two in the afternoon______?the meeting would be postponed.

A. when?B. that

C. whether?D. how

11. The insurance company says only those travelers whose insurance includes the relative trip, will receive some money in???.

A. compromise?B. compensation

C. comprehension?D. commitment

12. The old man lives by a stream in a house______?tall trees, and his only neighbors are the birds and squirrels in the nearby trees.

A. surrounding?B. surrounds

C. surrounded?D. being surrounded

13. Nowadays, Teachers have______?all kinds of criticism from students, parents and leaders.

A. to do with?B. to deal with

C. dealt with?D. done with

14. The international agreement,______?encourage children not to smoke and help people kick the habit, was signed on February 27.

A. intending to?B. being intended to

C. intended to?D. to intend to

15. At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River______, one of the ten largest cities in China.

A. lies Chongqing?B. Chongqing lies

C. does lie Chongqing?D. does Chongqing lie

Ⅳ. 根据给出的提示完成下列句子

1. The last year of high school is____________________________________?hard work and also a time to______. 中学的最后一年是努力学习并且反思的一段时期。

2.__________________________________________, (当选择一个职业时), you should consider all the aspects of a job.

3. He was living by a stream in a tent__________________________________________(被……包围着)technical equipment, and his only neighbours were the birds and squirrels in the nearby trees.

4. These people perform such ordinary but vital tasks,______?others____________________________________?their daily lives. (使其他人得以继续他们的日常生活)

5. Another advantage of having male nurses is that they________________________________________________________________________?(从不同角度看问题) than women and bring a male way of thinking to solving problems.

Unit 2

Ⅰ. 单词拼写(根据汉语提示或首字母写出下列单词的正确形式)

1. While most people do not like exams, it is difficult to a______the levels of students without them.

2. As the head of the company, he always keeps himself reminded to listen to what his______(员工) say.

3. The boy finally gave up to persuade his parents as he found it impossible to change the______?(保守的,守旧的) views of his parents.

4. Dont worry about having b______in your stomach before the interview.

5. In front of the building was a sign saying, ‘No______(停車) between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

6. According to the air traffic rules, you should s______off your mobile phone.

7. More practice will make you speak the English language with greater f???.

8. They are a really good bunch of students—highly m______and very intelligent.

9. Press these two keys to s______between documents on screen.

10. In summer, he likes r______himself with a cool shower.

Ⅱ. 选词填空

as easy as pie; be suitable for; make allowance for; provide... with;

as a whole; set off for; split... into; tend to; in response to; follow it up

1. Practise more, and you will find operating the machine is______.

2.______?their hospitality, we wrote a thankyou note.

3. Mr. Wang was chosen as general manager, as he was considered______?the position.

4. The festival will be great for our city and for the country______.

5. I would appreciate it if you can______?me______?such a precious chance.

6. Having said farewell to their friends, they______?their motherland.

7. People______?think that the problem will never affect them.

8. What made people satisfied was that the plan______?them working at different rates.

9. If you can______?the task______?parts, you will find it easy to complete it.

10. The girl who sold the Pacific Insurance______?by visiting the customers home.

Ⅲ. 單项填空

1. Tom lent me the money,______?that Id be in favor of him.


A. to hope?B. hoping

C. hoped?D. having hoped

2. The manager was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers______.

A. will leave?B. are leaving

C. were leaving?D. have left

3. —Shall I inform him of the change of the schedule right now?

—I am afraid you______, in case he comes late for the meeting.

A. will?B. must

C. may?D. can

4. Some jobs may seem dull but are very important to society,______?others can appear very exciting but are______?very difficult and boring.

A. besides; practically?B. while; actually

C. meanwhile; naturally?D. therefore; really

5.______?Harvard University, and you will surely find a new home away from home and toast your success later in life.

A. If you choose?B. Choose

C. Having chosen?D. Chosen

6. It was after looking through many brochures______?I decided on the East Canada Technology University,______?I can study Civil Engineering,______?is the study of how to build things like bridges and roads.

A. when; where; that?B. that; where; which

C. when; in which; it?D. that; when; it

7. The big day children were looking forward to______?at last.

A. came?B. come

C. coming?D. comes

8. Any one, whether he is an official or a cleaner, should be______?respected.

A. especially?B. equally

C. naturally?D. normally

9. I call you______?your position advertised in the Local Daily for a bus driver.

A. in regard to?B. in case of

C. in addition to?D. in response to

10. Jack, please do not______?yourself in that matter, or you will be in great trouble.

A. promote?B. improve

C. compete?D. involve

11. After reading the whole passage in the English exam, I havent______?anything.

A. taken away?B. taken apart

C. taken in?D. taken on

12. It is so cold here in Zhengzhou this winter that it seems______?we were in Iceland.

A. as if?B. even though

C. even if?D. so that

13. Is there anything wrong with me? Dont______?at me like that.

A. glare?B. stare

C. notice?D. watch

14. Would you like to go to a theater______?audience?

A. crowded by?B. crowded with

C. crowding with?D. crowding by

15. Additional fire crews______?in danger areas, some communities managed to deal with the increased risk.

A. station?B. stationed

C. are stationed?D. were stationed

Ⅳ. 根据给出的提示完成下列句子

1.__________________ ??are important. Make sure you get a good nights rest, so that you will be______?and not______?during the interview.


2. When____________________________________?your appointment,____________________________________?the traffic and make sure you are on time, or even a little bit early.


3. It also gives the impression______you are confident__________________ ??you feel quite nervous.


4. Smile when you____________________________________?the interviewer, and look him or her in the eye. This is one of the quickest ways of____________________________________.


5. This year, thousands of young people will travel to______________________________________________________ ?(四面八方)and work on projects for up to a year before returning to the UK to enter university.


Unit 1


1. options?2. pianist?3. lawyer?4. suited / suitable?5. enterprising?6. selfconfident?7. going

8. appearance?9. creative?10. wellpaid


1. are curious about?2. create a positive balance

3. take pleasure in?4. came about?5. as sly as a fox?6. is knowledgeable about?7. being on a diet?8. correspond with