Module 11 Units 1—2 综合练习

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1. —How did your interview with the manager go?

—______He seemed interested in my experience, but he didnt ask for references.


A. Perfect!?B. Im not sure.

C. Thats right.?D. Couldnt be better.

2.______?all the inventions have in common is______?they have succeeded.

A. What; what?B. That; what

C. What; that?D. That; that

3. —He tried his best to make the______?of the famous professor and persuaded him to be his tutor.

—May he succeed.

A. decision?B. function

C. acquaintance?D. friends

4. —What time is it by your watch, John?

—5:32, Jack. But my watch isnt quite______—it gains 2 minutes every day.

A. key?B. royal

C. accurate?D. sacred

5. Confucius Temple,______?world cultural heritage, is about 65 kilometres______?south of Mount Tai.

A. the; the?B. a; the

C. the; 不填?D. a; 不填

6. If my lawyer______?here last Saturday, he______?me from going.

A. had been; would have prevented

B. had been; would prevent

C. were; would prevent

D. were; would have prevented

7. It will be quite a long time______?she is back again, so dont be too cross with her.

A. that?B. since

C. before?D. until

8. —What a mess! Youre always throwing things about.

—Dont be______, Mum. I will tidy it up now.

A. hot under the collar

B. on cloud nine

C. off the top of your head

D. down in the dumps

9. The Conservatives (保守黨)______the election. They already have most of the votes.

A. will win?B. would win

C. are going to win?D. could win

10. Addiction to tobacco is both physical and psychological. Every smoker knows how difficult it is to stop smoking or even______.

A. cut in?B. cut down

C. cut out?D. cut up

11. Meanwhile, on the top of each tower, a botanical garden will offer a relaxing space______?visitors can enjoy nature, away from the noise of the city.

A. that?B. where

C. when?D. which

12. —How lucky! The tourist stopped at the last moment.

—Indeed! One more step and he______?off the cliff (悬崖).

A. would fall?B. would have fallen

C. may have fallen?D. had fallen

13.______?his position as mayor to give jobs to his friends, Williams is now under investigation.

A. Abused?B. To abuse

C. Having abused?D. To have abused

14. After the earthquake, the first thing the local government did was to provide______?for the homeless families.

A. accommodation?B. occupation

C. equipment?D. furniture

15. Dont______?when someone was in an awkward situation, or he will probably fly off the handle.

A. pull his leg?B. be a wet blanket

C. be all ears?D. be a top dog


The town I live in is about to put cameras at all traffic lights to catch people who run red lights. It ?16??me of how many people Ive seen who take the yellow light as a signal to go faster. I also cant ?17??why people dont move when the traffic light has turned green. Above all, there are also ?18??situations in which someone doesnt even ?19??that the light turns red, and just keeps going. That is why so many ?20??happen! All these situations make me ?21??the purpose of traffic lights.

22?, its even more frightening to imagine letting people make their own decisions at ?23??crossroads. Do the biggest cars get to go first? Who decides who goes next?So I guess I do like the idea of a system to ?24??traffic. And Ill do my best to ?25??the traffic rules: to go, to be cautious, and to stop when Im ?26??to.

It occurs to me that my ?27??have done much the same for me ?28??teaching me how to live. They have given me many ?29??lights: to get along well with others, to listen and talk to others, to help others, and to ?30??with joy and purposes. They have also given me some red lights ?31??my life goes astray (誤入歧途); not to be greedy, to keep my temper, and to control my ?32?. And there also have been some yellow caution lights: to watch how much I drink, to keep control of my behavior, and to ?33??school regularly and work hard. If I obey these rules, my life will be as ?34??as it can be. Just as Im wise to pay attention to the traffic lights when Im walking across the street, Im wise to pay attention to the “life ?35?” given to me by my parents.

16. A. rids?B. informs

C. reminds?D. warns

17. A. believe?B. understand

C. imagine?D. appreciate

18. A. instant?B. unbelievable

C. dangerous?D. cautious

19. A. notice?B. sense

C. command?D. admit

20. A. events?B. attacks

C. crimes?D. accidents

21. A. make up?B. wonder about

C. care for?D. worry about

22. A. Besides?B. Anyway

C. Instead?D. However

23. A. noisy?B. narrow

C. crowded?D. prime

24. A. control?B. cut

C. improve?D. serve

25. A. learn?B. observe

C. protect?D. violate

26. A. supposed?B. encouraged

C. forced?D. delighted

27. A. teachers?B. friends

C. leaders?D. parents

28. A. in charge of?B. in honour of

C. in terms of?D. in danger of

29. A. safe?B. green

C. beneficial?D. beautiful

30. A. live?B. share

C. struggle?D. communicate

31. A. unless?B. when

C. before?D. till

32. A. development?B. weight

C. ambitions?D. desires

33. A. start?B. attend

C. leave?D. abandon

34. A. good?B. easy

C. meaningless?D. powerful

35. A. distinctions?B. roads

C. signals?D. symptoms



Here are some great museums you shouldnt miss if you visit Europe one day.

British Museum, London

The museums collection adds up to around eight million works of art. It is among the finest and largest throughout the world. Art lovers as well as newcomers will discover art from ancient and presentday civilizations spanning (持续) two million years. Popular attractions include the Rosetta Stone, the Egyptian mummies, and the Parthenon sculptures. Admission is free of charge.

Tate Museum, London

It is Britains national museum. It exhibits international modern and presentday arts where you can view artworks from Matisse, Picasso, Pollock and countless others. With about 47 million visitors yearly, the museum is the most visited modern art gallery across the globe.

Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Considered as a significant landmark from Madrids art history, it holds a collection of paintings that includes artworks by the biggest names in European art from the 16th to the 19th century. Also, you will find collections of drawings, prints and sculptures and lots of examples of decorative arts and historical documents.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Considered a mustsee in Florence, the Uffizi Gallery displays works from all the major Renaissance artists. It is packed with countless works of beautiful art and statues from the Renaissance period. If you want to visit it, youd better get your tickets online before going or youll end up waiting in line for three hours or more.

Louvre Museum, Paris

It is one of the largest museums in the world with 35,000 pieces of arts. It is mostly famous for housing the Mona Lisa, The Raft of the Medusa, the Venus de Mito, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, etc. Many who visit will say that one day is not enough to see everything. Admission fees: 42 euro for a 2day pass; 56 euro for a 4day pass; 69 euro for a 6day pass.

36. What can be learned about Museo Nacional del Prado from the text?

A. It is very important in Madrids art history.

B. It has about eight million works of art.

C. It is one of the largest museums throughout the world.

D. You can get your tickets online before going to the Museo Nacional del Prado.

37. How much should a couple pay if they visit the Louvre Museum for six days?

A. 69 euro.?B. 84 euro.

C. 112 euro.?D. 138 euro.

38. The text is meant to______.

A. persuade us to visit museums

B. recommend some museums for us

C. entertain us by telling some information

D. argue some problems


Driverless technology will soon enter another major global industry: shipping. Several companies recently announced plans to launch selfsailing ships to improve safety and efficiency.

One of them is the Norwegian chemical company Yara International. Yara has teamed up with another Norwegian company, Kongsberg, to build an autonomous goods ship expected to be launched next year.

Kongsberg developed the ships electrical technology and autonomous control systems. The ship is fully electric to reduce air pollution. It is designed to carry goods containers normally transported by truck. This means the ship will also improve road safety by replacing about 40,000 truck trips a year. The company plans to operate the ships by faraway control beginning sometime next year. By 2020, the ships should be loading and sailing themselves. While Yaras ships will be limited to Norway at first, the company plans to greatly expand its autonomous shipping operations in the coming years.

Another company putting a high priority (優先) to selfsailing ships is the worlds largest mining company, Australias BHP Billiton. The companys Vice President of Freight, Rashpal Bhatti, recently spoke about the technology in a website post. Bhatti believes automation will be one of the biggest changes for shipping in the future. He said, “Autonomous ships offer important opportunities to improve safety and provide more effective results to the supply chain of the sea.” He added that selfsailing ships could become a reality within the next decade.

RollsRoyce, the British automobile and engine manufacturer (制造商), is also developing unmanned (无人驾驶的) shipping technologies. Oskar Levander is the companys head of operations at sea. He said in a conference last year, “This is happening. Its not if, its when.”

Levander said these autonomous ships could be controlled by faraway operators from anywhere. He added, “Because these ships will be designed to be unmanned, they can be built smaller, more efficient and environmentally friendly.”

39. Why have several countries announced plans to produce selfsailing ships?

A. To save money.

B. To develop electrical technology in ships.

C. To compete in autonomous control systems.

D. To make shipping more effective and less risky.

40. What do Oskar Levanders words suggest in Paragraph 5?

A. It is too early to make autonomous ships.

B. The supply chain of the sea will be busier.

C. People are more concerned about autonomous ships.

D. Unmanned shipping technologies are becoming more mature.

41. What would be the best title for the text?

A. Automation in Sail

B. Selfsailing Ships in Use

C. Automation in Some Fields

D. Automation in Imagination


A new keyboard can tell whether you are its owner. The keyboard records information about the typing pattern (模式) and sends it to a computer program. The program then checks to see if the pattern matches the right user. If not, an alarm sounds, and the computer locks the typist out. It locks out everyone else, even if the person knows the password. Whats more, this equipment needs no batteries. It collects all the energy it needs from your actions of typing. Besides, the keyboard is also selfcleaning and the keys are free of damage from water, oil and dirt.

The keys of the new keyboard are made of the same inexpensive plastic that might be found on any other standard keyboard. But instead of being smooth, the keys have millions of tiny plastic nanowires (納米线) on their surface area, increasing the effective contact areas between the plastics and fingers. This guarantees that theres enough power to run the keyboard as someone types.

Liming Dai, a scientist, did not work on the new keyboard, but he thinks the design could be important in getting better performance from a variety of equipment. “It could also be applied to a touch screen, for example,” Dai says. “Then smart phones and notepads could collect energy from someones actions of typing or drawing.”

“Future work might make the keyboard even more useful,” Dai adds. “A later design might build tiny capacitors onto the nanowires,” he suggests. Capacitors are little devices that temporarily store electric charge. Those might then be LEDs to light a keyboard in the dark.

Zhonglin Wang is a codesigner of the new keyboard. His team has built a working model of the keyboard. “If a company decides to fund (資助) its production, this keyboard could be in stores in as few as two years,” says Wang.

42. How does the new keyboard tell whether you are its owner?

A. By matching the typing pattern to the right user.

B. By sending alarms to a computer program.

C. By checking the right users passwords.

D. By just recording information about the typing pattern.

43. Why are there many nanowires on the surfaces of the keys?

A. To keep the keyboard free of damage.

B. To improve the speed of typing.

C. To make the keys smooth.

D. To help produce power.

44. Whats Dais attitude to the new keyboard?

A. Unconcerned.?B. Doubtful.

C. Positive.?D. Critical.

45. What is the best title for the text?

A. A New Keyboard Made of Nanowires

B. A New Keyboard Entirely Owned by You

C. A New Keyboards Future

D. A New Keyboard Powered by Typing


Partway through Wonder, Fifthgrader Auggie Pullman finds himself seated across from a new friend in the school cafeteria. “Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?” the friend asks.

“Dude, this is after plastic surgery. It takes a lot of work to look this good,” Auggie says, running a hand through his hair. In other words, what could be painfully depressing turns out to hold lurking (潜藏的) reserves of humour, which is pretty much the story of Wonder.

Auggie, played by Jacob Tremblay, was born with a facial difference, and even after multiple operations, his looks shock his classmates. As he adapts from homeschooling to a new school community, he encounters far worse than that lunchtime sceneone nasty bully (横行霸道者) says hed kill himself if he looked like Auggie—but he never fully loses heart.

The movie is an adaptation of the 2012 novel by R.J.Palacio, which has sold 6 million copies in North America and launched an antibullying campaign, Choose Kind. Palacio has said she got the idea for the story when her young son began crying at the sight of a girl with a facial difference in an ice cream shop. She took her kids out of the shop, but later regretted her reaction. “What I should have done is simply turned to the little girl and started up a conversation and shown my kids that there was nothing to be afraid of,” she said.

Tremblay, 11, who broke out opposite Brie Larson in the 2015 drama Room, has more than a few things in common with Auggie. “We both love Star Wars, we have awesome families, and we love our dogs.” But Tremblay thinks we all can find something in common with the boy. “Everyones like Auggie in one very important way: we want to be accepted and treated equally and with kindness.”

Julia Roberts, who plays Auggies mother, became interested in the part because of her own children, “I read it with my kids and fell so in love with it,” she says of the novel. “This book is such a beautiful and gentle introduction into all kinds of topics, including bullying and intolerance and fear, and what fear makes young people do sometimes.”

Both actors have some familiarity with the subject. “I was picked on quite a bit as a young person,” Roberts says, though she wont say what for. “Even as a 50yearold mother of three, its not a path I like to go up and down.” Tremblay reveals a bit more. “I have been picked on,” he says, “because Im kind of short for me age. I told my parents, and thats one of the best things you can do, because my mom said would never want me to carry negative thoughts on my shoulders alone.”

The most challenging parts of filming, says Tremblay, were moments in which he had to cry. Tenderhearted audience members will likely shed tears of their own—especially during scenes between Auggie and his mom, who repeatedly reassures her son that he is worthy of love. But the movie also has its fair share of hijinks (喧鬧): for every tearfilled moment, there is a lightsaber battle or silly science project to lighten the mood. This mixture of pity and humor, says Roberts, “was intrinsic (固有的) in the writing in the novel.” But she credits writerdirector Stephen Chbosky with translating that balance into visual terms.

As much as the movie impresses the viewer with compassion for the underdogs, it also finds a way to sympathize with the bullies. “I would say to try to take a moment to be conscious of why a person that is bullying somebody is behaving that way,” says Roberts, “After all”, she adds, “Theres no child thats born bully.”

46. How did Auggie respond to his friends question?

A. He felt so embarrassed that he kept reserved.

B. He flew off the handle the moment he heard it.

C. He answered in a calm but humourous way.

D. He spent quite a while finding the right words.

47. What inspired the story of Wonder?

A. A campaign against bullying in North America.

B. Palacios kids being picked on by their classmates.

C. Palacios conversation with a girl in an ice cream shop.

D. The way Palacio treated a girl with a facial difference.

48. According to the passage, the theme of the movie Wonder is______.

A. similar to that of the drama Room

B. focused on the safety of plastic surgery

C. diverse and closely relevant to personal growth

D. a reflection of minority groups fate in America

49. According to Julia Roberts, Stephen Chbosky______.

A. is a great lover of Star Wars and wild animals

B. was moved to tears by Jacob Tremblays acting

C. is qualified to adapt science fiction into movies

D. succeeded in mixing visual elements with emotion

50. Whats Julia Roberts attitude towards the bullies?

A. Uncaring.?B. Negative.

C. Sympathetic.?D. Cautious.



A 2014 study found that readers of a short mystery story on a Kindle were significantly worse at remembering the order of events than those who read the same story in paperback.

The brain reads by constructing a mental representation of the text based on the placement of the page in the book and the word on the page. The tactile (触觉的) experience of a book aids this process, from the thickness of the pages in your hands as you progress through the story to the placement of a word on the page.

Surveys about the use of ereaders suggests that this affects a readers sense of control. The inability to turn back to previous pages or control the text physically, either through making written notes or bending pages, limits ones sensory experience and thus reduces longterm memory of the text.

Before the Internet, the brain read in a linear (线状的) fashion, taking advantage of sensory details to remember where key information was in the book by layout.

As we increasingly read on screens, our reading habits have adapted to skim a text rather than really absorb its meaning. A 2006 study found that people read on screens in a “F” pattern, reading the entire top line but then only scanning through the text along the left side of the page. This sort of nonlinear reading reduces comprehension and actually makes it more difficult to focus the next time you sit down with a longer piece of text.

Tufts University neuroscientist Maryanne Wolf worries that “the superficial way we read during the day is affecting us when we have to read with more indepth processing.” Individuals are increasingly finding it difficult to sit down and involve themselves deeply in a novel. As a result, some researchers and literaturelovers have started a “slow reading” movement, as a way to counteract their difficulty making it through a book.

Slowreading advocates recommend at least 30 to 45 minutes of daily reading away from the distractions of modern technology. By doing so, the brain can reengage with linear reading. The benefits of making slow reading a regular habit are numerous, reducing stress and improving your ability to concentrate.

Reading an oldfashioned novel is also linked to improving sleep. When many of us spend our days in front of screens, it can be hard to signal to our body that its time to sleep. By reading a paper book about an hour before bed, your brain enters a new zone, distinct from that enacted by reading on an ereader.

Great News for People Who Read Actual Books

Reading in ?51??helps with comprehension

● According to a 2014 study, readers of a short mystery on a Kindle had much worse memories of the order of events than those who read the same story in paperback.

● The tactile experience of a book ?52??significantly to the construction of a mental representation of the text.

● The use of ereaders influences a readers ?53??to control the text physically, which limits ones sensory experience. Making one ?54??to remember the text for a long time.

55??of two reading habits

● People read actual books in a linear fashion, using their senses to keep in mind the ?56??of key information.

● When we read on screens, we ?57??the deeper meaning of the text.

● People read on screens in an “F” pattern, making it difficult for them to read through long texts.

Benefits of slow reading

● The “slow reading” movement is meant to give readers a relatively ?58??time to fully appreciate a whole book.

● At least 30 to 45 minutes of daily reading on paper makes you less ?59??and increase your concentration.

● Reading an oldfashioned novel helps us ?60??better.



The rise of selfie (自拍) photography in some of the worlds most beautiful, and dangerous places is causing a range of interventions (干預措施) aimed at fighting risktaking that has resulted in a string of shocking deaths worldwide.

The act of taking a picture of oneself with a mobile phone, placing the subject centrestage, has exploded in popularity in recent years, with everyone from Britains Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ to U. S. President Barack Obama joining in.

But the selfie has also inspired a lot of risktaking and offensive public behavior, pushing the boundaries of safety and behavior, whether by hanging from a skyscraper or posing with live explosives.

Several governments and regulatory bodies have now begun treating the selfie as a serious threat to public safety, leading them to launch public education campaigns reminding people of those against smoking and excessive drinking.


1. 用约30个单词写出上文概要;

2. 你对此现象所持的观点;

3. 用2~3个理由或论据支撑你的观点。


1. 写作过程中不能直接引用原文语句;

2. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称;

3. 不必写标题。





1—5 BCCCD?6—10 ACACB?11—15 BBCAA


16—20 CBCAD?21—25 BDCAB26—30 ADCBA?31—35 CDBAC


36—38 ADB?39—41 DDA?42—45 ADCB46—50 CDCDC


51. print?52. contributes?53. ability?54. unable / fail?55. Explanations / Comparisons

56. location?57. miss?58. easy / easier

59. stressed / anxious / worried?60. sleep

五、One possible version:

Today, more and more people, including some celebrities cannot resist the temptation to take photos of themselves in places with breathtaking scenery, regardless of the dangers involved. The trend has raised much public concern.

Personally, I am against the behavior. Firstly, a cool selfie could cost you your life, and there have been several reports about people losing their lives while taking selfies. I strongly hold the belief that nothing is more important than life itself. Secondly, people who are addicted to selfies are more likely to violate the standards of social behavior, which may present a great danger to other people or the environment. They dont care about annoying people in their social media or care about the tourist attraction they are destroying.

In short, I dont think it worthwhile taking selfies at the risk of life. Selfies as acts of selffocus may also bring annoyance to the world around us.