Module 11 Units 3—4 综合练习

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1. More and more countries have come to realize that the world______?do without Huawei and its “more advanced” technology.


A. cant?B. neednt

C. mustnt?D. shouldnt

2. —How about his design?

—Well, to tell the truth, it is______?but satisfactory. So youll have to try your best to better it.

A. something?B. anything

C. everything?D. nothing

3. The new job is a real challenge for Helen, but______?difficult the situation she meets, I believe shell work it out.

A. however?B. whenever

C. whichever?D. whatever

4. “Go and speak to the tribal chieftains,” said the camel driver. “Tell them about the armies that are______.”

A. responding?B. settling

C. wandering?D. approaching

5. When it comes to sports passion, nothing______?the craziness in fans more than football.

A. picks out?B. makes out

C. brings out?D. figures out

6. It is global warming, rather than other factors,______?the extreme weather.

A. that have led to?B. which has caused

C. which are causing?D. that has led to

7. By improving reading skills, you can read faster and understand more of______?you once thought impossible to understand.

A. that?B. what

C. which?D. whether

8. —Im going to Beijing next week. Do you have anything______?to your son?

—No, thanks.

A. taken?B. to take

C. to be taken?D. take

9. James Cook was a strict captain, but______all the sailors on the ship showed respect for.

A. that?B. the one

C. who?D. one

10. Research findings show we spend about two hours dreaming every night, no matter what we______?during the day.

A. may have done?B. could do

C. must have done?D. would do

11.______?the crisis of economy getting more and more serious, the government is searching for ways to improve peoples life.

A. As?B. With

C. When?D. If

12. Not only did the Great Wall of China serve as a defense in the north but also______?the power of the emperor.

A. symbolize?B. to symbolize

C. symbolizing?D. symbolized

13. —How do you find Johnsons last party?

—Well, it couldnt have been______. In fact, I wont go to his party next time.

A. any better?B. any worse

C. so bad?D. the best

14. —Ill have an interview for a position in that company, and now______.

—Take it easy. You are well prepared for it, arent you?

A. No pains, no gains

B. There is no smoke without fire

C. The world is my oyster

D. I have butterflies in my stomach

15. Wang Hua is said______?a new computer programme recently, but I dont know when she will finish it.

A. to desogn

B. to be designing

C. to have been designing

D. to have designed


“Can one man make a difference?” asked Rossano Ercolini, the 2013 Goldman Prize winner, which is considered the Nobel Prize for “?16?”. Ercolini is a young ?17??in a small town in Italy. After ?18??the news of reducing waste on the radio, he decided to teach his students to ?19??paper and replace plastic water bottles in the school lunchroom with ?20??glasses.

When his town announced plans to open an incinerator(焚化炉)to burn waste, Ercolini knew it would be ?21??to his students. Incinerators are huge heaters that burn all waste and poisonous materials, leaving ?22??behind. You might think it is ?23??than sending waste to landfills (废弃物填埋场). It is true that landfills ?24??space, smell bad, and that poisonous materials can make underground drinking water ?25??to use. But incinerators have their own ?26?. Burning gives off poisonous gases into the air which can cause ?27??problems. People will have to ?28??a mask no matter where they go. The smoke also causes pollution, and even ?29??the greenhouse effect.

Ercolini was worried about the ?30??of his community and felt it was his duty to ?31??them. He organized town hall meetings, and talked about how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. ?32?, Ercolini has supported the zerowaste movement, the ?33??of which is to reduce the waste sent to landfills and incinerators to the least possible amount. He has already ?34??plans for more than 50 incinerators in many Italian cities. ?35??his efforts, there are more than one hundred zerowaste towns in Italy now!

16. A. Peace?B. Environment

C. Medicine?D. Literature

17. A. teacher?B. farmer

C. consultant?D. gardener

18. A. spreading?B. debating

C. hearing?D. making

19. A. fold?B. roll

C. tear?D. recycle

20. A. coloured?B. reusable

C. thick?D. valuable

21. A. harmful?B. familiar

C. suitable?D. convenient

22. A. soil?B. sand

C. water?D. ash

23. A. easier?B. harder

C. better?D. further

24. A. add to?B. fill in

C. build up?D. take up

25. A. unsafe?B. difficult

C. regular?D. illegal

26. A. standards?B. disadvantages

C. expectations?D. improvements

27. A. heart?B. height

C. breathing?D. weight

28. A. earn?B. produce

C. advertise?D. wear

29. A. decreases?B. worsens

C. suffers?D. measures

30. A. health?B. development

C. security?D. employment

31. A. praise?B. support

C. educate?D. entertain

32. A. Anyhow?B. However

C. Otherwise?D. Moreover

33. A. goal?B. reason

C. truth?D. problem

34. A. discussed?B. defeated

C. prepared?D. suggested

35. A. Along with?B. Except for

C. Thanks to?D. Instead of



Your Genes, Your Future

How would you feel if someone gave you an envelope with a description of every one of your genes? Supposing this information could tell you what illnesses you were likely to get, or even what illness you might die of, would you open the envelope?

Its a difficult question to answer. But the fact is that scientists have already begun to discover how certain genes influence us. And in the next decade, they will learn a lot more.

We have known for a long time that many of our physical characteristics are inherited (繼承). For example, our eye colour and certain diseases are decided by our genes. As long as you have a good diet, scientists can predict your height by looking at your parents heights. And we now know that the need to wear glasses has a genetic cause. Our eating habits also appear to be decided by our genes!

With other characteristics, things are not so clear. Certainly, scientists have now shown that some traits (特性,特质) are strongly influenced by our genes. Do you prefer getting up early or late? To a great extent, its your genes that decide. Do you enjoy dangerous sports such as car racing? There is a gene that influences how much excitement we need.

But with most psychological characteristics, scientists are learning that both our genes and our environment affect us. This is true of things such as how violent we are, and how well we get on with other people. So, even though scientists may soon be able to describe our genes in detail, it does not mean they will be able to predict our future with any real success.

Nevertheless, the fact is that scientists will be able to “read” our genes in the near future. This will create new problems. To give a few examples, insurance companies may not want to insure people whose genes predict certain illnesses. Employers may not want to employ people who have a gene for violence. One thing is already clear—with these new developments, life is going to become even more complicated!

36. Which characteristics is mostly likely to be inherited?

A. Eye color.?B. Interest.

C. Future.?D. Ability.

37. What kind of problem will these new developments create?

A. You may die of a certain illness described in the envelope.

B. There will be an increased number of violent people.

C. People may take part in dangerous sports such as car racing.

D. Insurance companies may refuse to insure people with a gene for certain disease.

38. Why wont scientists be able to tell us a lot about our future?

A. Because were affected not only by our genes but also by our environment.

B. Because scientists will not be able to read our genes in the near future.

C. Because life in the future will be more complicated.

D. Because scientists cant describe our genes in detail.


Storing food is common in members of the crow family. A new study tested the birds outside for this naturally occurring behavior, which may have evolved (進化) specifically because it gives crows a survival advantage. Some crow species are known to naturally use tools to recover food. So the researchers tested whether the birds could store and recover a tool so they could use it to find their food after a gap of 17 hours—something we wouldnt expect them to do naturally. But they were able to instantly select the tool out of a number of unnecessary items.

In another experiment, the researchers taught crows to select a token (礼品券) from a number of items so that they could then exchange it for food. Again, the birds then showed that they could plan for the future using this new behaviour. This is different from all of the previous studies in future planning, which have focused on naturally occurring behaviour. For example, we know that chimpanzees select, transport and save appropriate tools for future needs.

These studies have shown that animals can plan for the future—but they leave an important question open for debate. Are animals only able to plan to use abilities that have evolved to give them a specific advantage, or can they flexibly and intelligently apply planning behaviour across various actions? Most critics would say the former, as the animals were tested in naturally occurring behaviour.

But the new research provides the first evidence that animal species can plan for the future using behaviour that doesnt typically occur in nature. This supports the view that at least some recognitive (认知的) abilities in animals dont evolve just in response to specific problems. Instead, it suggests that animals can apply these behaviour flexibly across problems in a similar way to humans. We need to study how flexible behaviour evolved. Then we might be able to see how crows ability to plan for the future fits in with their broader cognitive powers.

39. Whats the new finding about some crows according to Paragraph 1?

A. They can store food.

B. They can use tools to recover food.

C. They can store and recover tools.

D. They can select and store food.

40. What are crows trained by researchers to do when given a token?

A. Reject it casually.

B. Exchange it for food.

C. Save it as their food.

D. Build a nest with it.

41. What can we infer about the studies that animals can plan for the future?

A. They are debatable.

B. They are disappointing.

C. They are logical.

D. They are convincing.

42. What can be learned about flexible behaviour in animals?

A. It develops only with age.

B. It is unclear how it evolved.

C. No animals but crows benefit from it.

D. It helps plan for the future.


Friends should always be honest with you, right? So when they lie, it can be really hard to take. You want to trust your friends and that means knowing that theyll tell it to you straight no matter what it is. But a friend who lies isnt always trying to hurt you. Why does this happen?

Protect your feelings

One of the biggest reasons friends lie is simply to avoid hurting your feelings.

Some people dont understand the difference between being gently honest with a friend and being so straightforward (直截了當的) that they leave a verbal wound. They choose to avoid these two extremes in the form of a lie.

What you can do: Encourage your friends to be straight with you. No matter what their answer is, let them know you are grateful for it.

They feel embarrassed

Sometimes friends will lie about things in their life because they are too embarrassed to admit the truth. Maybe they are going through a rough time and they just dont want you to know about it.

What you can do: Avoid trying to badger (糾缠) your friend into telling you whats wrong. Instead, make it clear that you are there for them when and if they are ready to talk.

Avoid an argument with you

Perhaps your friend knows that if they tell you the truth, youll get angry with them. Avoiding conflict is not always healthy for a friendship because it allows problems to grow over time. If you have a bad temper (脾气), your friend might try and avoid getting into an argument with you and instead just tell you what you want to hear.

What you can do: Make sure that if a friend tells you something unpleasant, you dont overreact. Consider whats being said and why your friend is telling you this. If you do end up arguing, do it in a respectable way.

Exclude you

Lying isnt always a sign that friends are trying to protect you, however. Sometimes they lie because they want to exclude you from their plans.

What you can do:When you find out with certainty that your friend is lying to you, try and face it. Be forewarned, however, that if a friend lies to begin with, he or she may lie when asked a direct question about his or her dishonesty. Go with your guts on this. If you feel your friend is lying because he or she doesnt want to be around you, thats your wakeup call to move on.

43. According to the passage, friends sometimes lie______.

A. out of respect

B. in a straight way

C. under social influences

D. because the truth hurts

44. When you find a friend lying, you are advised to______.

A. let it go

B. take it personally

C. handle it respectably

D. break up with him or her

45. What is the implied meaning of the underlined part?

A. Have the courage to handle the situation.

B. Accept the truth that you are being lied to.

C. Go to have a fight with whoever lies to you.

D. Base your judgment on your understanding.

46. Whats the passage mainly about?

A. Ways to avoid telling lies.

B. Ways to promote friendship.

C. Reasons for making friends.

D. Reasons for lies and solutions.


“I find myself glancing at my watch to see how long Ive been standing in line,” she said. “Everywhere I go, I notice if the dumpster (垃圾罐) gates are open or if theres trash in the parking lot.” Ms. Clark is a “mystery shopper”, one of thousands of contract workers that companies hire to pretend as regular customers in order to judge customer service, cleanliness and whether a store is selling a product that meets company specifications (规格).

Mystery shoppers can be found or, rather, not found, everywhere from restaurants and automotive shops to convenience stores and department stores. They play a constant catandmouse game with store and restaurant employees and managers. However its not all fun and games. Once in the field, a mystery shopper will typically visit several stores or restaurants per hour, taking mental notes while inside, then jotting down physical notes after they leave.

Its important for mystery shoppers to be as exact as possible, because the client companies are looking for data they can use to improve their service. The questionnaire wont say, “Does the trash can need to be emptied?” What an educated shopper will say is, “The trash can to the left of the front door was overflowing with 10 pieces of trash on the ground.” Companies dont need opinion but facts.

Nowadays mystery shoppers are armed with a number of hightech devices, such as a digital scale and a digital thermometer, as well as a handheld PC for recording the entire experience. Its a challenging job but a rewarding one. Mystery shoppers can be full time or part time, but the fulltime workers tend to stick to standard mystery shopping while parttimers often choose the less complex rewardbased programs. In those, the shoppers stay disguised (裝扮的) only until the “shop” is finished, and then reveal (透漏) themselves to the store management and award prizes to employees who provided excellent service.

To be a mystery shopper, its important to be a good observer, but sometimes its important to have the right profile (外表), too. Companies often hire shoppers from particular backgrounds to better blend in with clients regular customers. If a secret shopper will be sent in, for example, to do a highend automotive shop, the candidate must have a particular profile that meets a highend, luxury cartype buyer profile. “Its a challenge to perform your shop without being discovered,” Ms. Clark said, “because most of the people that we work for are very aware of the mystery shopping program.”

47. According to the text a “mystery shopper” would not have to______.

A. sign a contract with the employer

B. travel a lot around the city

C. provide exact facts to the company

D. fill in questionnaires

48. We learn from the text that Ms. Clark______.

A. visits some shops regularly and sometimes does something special

B. pretends to be a shopper and evaluates the services

C. is a government official looking into the services

D. is a manager of a company offering good services

49. People are willing to become a mystery shopper mainly because they can______.

A. get the best service and get paid at the same time

B. play a catandmouse game with shop employees and managers

C. do the job either full time or part time and get paid well

D. observe clearly what happens in the shops

50. What does the underlined word “those” in the 4th paragraph refer to?

A. The shops where the mystery shoppers go.

B. The less complex rewardbased programs.

C. Parttime jobs.

D. Excellent services.

四、 任务型阅读(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


Dont complain in the NBA

The NBA has a new rule this season. Its called “zero tolerance”. NBA referees are not letting players complain too long or too loudly about a referees call. A player who does can be given a technical foul (犯規). Two technical fouls, and the player is out of the game.

The players dont like the new rule and want the NBA to change it. They think its only natural to get angry during a close, hardfought game if a call goes against you.

But I like the “zero tolerance” rule and wish other sports would follow the NBAs example. Wouldnt it be more enjoyable if football, soccer and tennis players stopped arguing the calls and just played the game?

The biggest reason I like the new rule is that it sets a good example to younger players. When kids see stars such as Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons shouting at the referees and arguing every call, they think its part of the game. But shouting at referees and arguing calls should never be part of any kids games. Kids should be taught to forget about the referees calls and pay attention to improving their skills and play their best.

All players need to learn that you control only one thing in a game, and thats your own performance. You cant control what the other players or trainers do. And you certainly cant control the calls the referees make.

Finally, everyone from NBA allstars to 8yearolds should remember that being a basketball referee is a hard job. The referee has to make dozens of sudden calls. No hesitation. No second chances. Not even the best referee gets every call right.

Maybe if the players, trainers and fans who shout at the referees had to wear a whistle and call a few games, there wouldnt be as many complaints about the “zero tolerance” rule.

The new ruleThe players are not ?51??to complain too much about a referees call, otherwise he might be ?52??out of the court.

The ?53?opinion

They dislike the new rule and wish it to be ?54?.

They think its natural for them to get angry during a close game if there is a call ?55??against them.

The writers opinion

He likes the “zerotolerance” rule and wishes it to be followed by other sports and it would be more enjoyable if players ?56??arguing the calls.

The new rule does ?57??a good example to younger players.

Shouting at referees and arguing calls shouldnt be part of any kids games and kids should pay attention to ?58??up their skills and play their best.

All players can control nothing else except their own ?59?.

Everyone should keep in mind that its ?60??to be a basketball judge.


2009年12月12日,你校在大操场举行了升旗仪式。主题是:注意安全,珍爱生命。学生代表唐韶峰作了发言;接着校长提出了具体的要求。请你就此事用英语给写一篇报道。 注意:报道必须包括以下内容。开头已给,不计词数。


参考词汇: 安全隐患: hidden threat against safety; 食物中毒:food poisoning; 教学区:academic areas











On December 12th, 2009, our school held a flagraising ceremony in the playground with the theme “For your safety, for your life!”



1—5 ABADC?6—10 DBCDA?11—15 BDBDC


16—20 BACDB?21—25 ADCDA26—30 BCDBA?31—35 CDABC


36—38 ADA?39—42 CBAB?43—46 DCAD47—50 DBCB


51. allowed / permitted?52. driven / put / picked / let / ordered / kicked / called / forced / fouled?53. players?54. unable / fail

55. going?56. stopped / quitted?57. set

58. improving?59. performance?60. difficult / hard

五、One possible version:

On December 12th,2009, our school held a flagraising ceremony in the playground with the theme “For your safety, for your life!”

Tang Shaofeng, one of the students made a speech. He said that safety concerns every one of us and hidden threat against safety was everywhere. We may easily get injured in ports, traffic accidents, or get sick from food poisoning. He called on us to pay more attention to safety and try to learn more about first aid. He also mentioned that we should take good care of ourselves for the sake of our familys happiness.

Later, our headmaster gave us some specific requirements on campus. Since a safe environment on campus is everyones responsibility, its high time we did something to ensure our own safety at school. Riding bicycles on campus is strongly prohibited. No ballgames are allowed in the academic areas. Keep to the right when going upstairs or downstairs. Make sure that the windows are closed and doors are locked when the last one leaves the classroom. Whats more, always obey the traffic rules on your way home or school.